Introduction of 50Mn steel

Fundamental information:Name: excellent carbon underlying steel Grade: 50MnStandard: GB/T 699-1999

Characteristics:50Mn is with somewhat high strength,Introduction of 50Mn steel Articles adaptability and hardness, more utilized in the wake of extinguishing and treating, and with unfortunate weldability. 50Mn round steel is utilized for some intensity therapy parts which is with high prerequisite for the wear obstruction under high stacking activity, for example, gear, gear shaft and mandrel cross segment is under 80mm,etc. Its mechanical exhibition is like 50#, yet with higher hardenability and after heat treatment, the strength, adaptability and hardness are somewhat higher than 50# steel. Unfortunate weldability and have an inclination of overheating responsiveness and temper fragility, utilized for pressure bearing parts, high wear obstruction parts and high pressure parts, similar to mandrel breadth under 80 mm. After high recurrence extinguishing, it can likewise be utilized to fabricate train shaft, worm, interfacing bar and auto driving rod, for example, gear, gear shaft, erosion circle, mandrel and level spring.

Synthetic compositionC: 0.48-0.56Si: 0.17-0.37Mn: 0.70-1.00S: something like 0.035P: something like 0.035Cr: something like 0.25Ni: something like 0.30Cu: something like 0.25

Mechanical propertiesTensile strength: something like 645(66Mpa)Yield strength: something like 390(40MPa)Elongation: something like 13%Impact AKv: something like 31JImpact durability: something like 39

HardnessNo heat treatment: something like steel casement windows 255HBAnnealed steel: something like 217HBHeat treatment: normalizing 830 extinguishing 830 treating 600

Relating unfamiliar gradeDomestic item: 50MnJapan item: S53CAmerican item: 1050,1053British norm: 080A52, 080M50France norm: XC48Russia standard: 50

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